Case Study

Name Ian Stringer
Job Information Manager
Employer Service Point
Ian Stringer's view point

The hard nights of graft running courses and writing articles has paid off handsomely


Does the BBC often ring you up?

Have you been on foreign TV?

Have you ever been questioned at gunpoint?

Have you ever been in a communist jail?


If the answer is yes, it's probably because you are a librarian!


I’ve done all these because I belong to Library committees. As editor of the mobile library journal Service Point, I am a first stop for enquiries from the BBC, media etc. 


As information co-ordinator of the IFLA PL section, I have been to all six continents in the last five years speaking on mobile libraries and in countries like Croatia, Argentina and South Africa I’ve had adventures. 


I’ve met with Zulus, Sami, Korean jazz singers, US millionaires, ambassadors MP’s, Lords, Ein Lande Rat and Congressmen. 


I’ve spoken at Harvard, Che Guevera’s University, by Sydney Harbour, in the Prairies, on the site of Nelson Mandela’s prison, in a communist party HQ, on a Korean battleship and by a hot spring pool in New Zealand


Every one of these was because I chose to be a librarian outside my working day. The hard nights of graft running courses and writing articles has paid off handsomely. 


My advice is see librarianship as a vocation not just a bread-winning job. Its an internationally known career and is usually seen in a positive light. The whole world respects librarians – make the most of it.